Disabled grandmother given four minutes to get parking ticket.

A disabled grandmother from Harold Hill was given just four minutes to exit her vehicle and walk to the parking machine to get a ticket before being issued with a penalty charge.

Tanya who suffers with severe arthritis and uses a walking to stick to get about, had parked on Farnham Road outside of Iceland at 9.57am and was issued a parking ticket at 10: 01 by a traffic warden lurking in the background.

Tanya told the Havering Daily: “I struggle to walk because of my arthritis and have to rely on my walking stick to help me. I had to go to the shopping centre and after parking, I went to the nearest ticket machine which was out of order so I had to walk all the way to the top of the hill to use the other machine to get a ticket.

“When I got to that machine there was a man already using it so I had to wait for him to finish and then I made my way back to my car and saw that I had got a ticket.”

Ten minutes is the standard time drivers are given to get a ticket, so justifiably Tanya is very angry.

“I spoke to the warden and I said to him that I had to walk to the ticket machine and all he answered to me was ‘appeal’.He was very rude and it seemed that he was hiding in all the shop fronts waiting to ticket people.”

Tanya has since appealed and lost and been told that if she does not pay she will face a court hearing and a £90 fine.

“I’m shocked and angered. I don’t walk very well and he gave me just four minutes to get all the way to the top of the hill to get a ticket. How is that right? One of my grandchildren is autistic, how would I have been able to get a ticket in that time if I had been with him?

“I don’t want to use my local shops anymore, I’m fed up of this all the time.”

The Havering Daily is aware that the Leader of the Council, Councillor Damian White is personally looking into this matter to get it resolved for Tanya.

One thought on “Disabled grandmother given four minutes to get parking ticket.

  • 17th March 2021 at 4:54 pm

    If this was a Council controlled parking area, you would have thought the person in charge of the Parking Department would have spoken to the ‘little Hitler’s’ about the way they were issuing underhand and illegal tickets, especially after the fiasco in Egbert Close, Dunningford Chase. No, it appears not. The councillor in charge should remember that we got rid of the last person in charge of the parking department for overzealous use of ‘his’ CCTV Smart cars. We can get rid of this one the next time round as well. Well done Mr White for stepping in. Our hero, but why not take it further and make sure that the issuing of illegal and underhand parking tickets STOPS. Riddle me this, “If, as the Parking Department states, “Every ticket issued is correct and proper”, why are tickets cancelled when it is proved they were not issued properly? Money! Money! Money!



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