‘This is going to wreck our lives.’

A Rainham resident is angry at the proposed plans to build a Lidl supermarket literally next to his garden fence. The man, who did not wish to be named, lives along Dominion Way and was totally unaware of the plans to build the large supermarket adjacent to his back fence until a neighbour informed him.

“Lidl say they are going to be sympathetic to local residents, well they haven’t even informed us of the proposed plans. I wasn’t aware until my neighbour showed me, then I saw pictures of my house and garage on the plans.”

Not only is he angry at the lack of information but also at the fact that his currently quiet and secluded garden could soon have a fifteen car parking section being built on the other side of his fence.

“The plans show that next to my back fence there are going to be fifteen car parking spaces. Apparently they are going to build a two metre brick wall but that won’t stop the noise or pollution will it! Can you imagine the noise we are going to face everyday from these cars? People going in and out talking, with trolleys, our quality of life has gone.

“Plus the level of pollution coming from these cars. My grand daughter was in hospital four times last year with asthma, how is this going to impact her well being? Literally as I come out of my back door this is all I’m going to hear every day from 7am when the supermarket opens.

“Our view from upstairs is going to be overlooking this supermarket. My security will drop as there will be endless people next to my house and if I want to sell my house that is going to be very difficult living next to a supermarket like this.”

The local man is also questioning if another supermarket is actually needed in the area. “We have a Tesco and Tesco extra here and Asda just down the road, do we really need another supermarket? There are so many things wrong with these proposed plans. We have enough congestion with the nearby church, adding a supermarket is just going to make this area a total nightmare.

“The store says they are going to create jobs for people, well what about the people already working in that area? What is going to happen to their jobs?

“Not only have they not been sensitive to locals in the area but they are just going to bully their way in.”

Ross Elliott Independent Resident Group activist told the Havering Daily:

“After speaking with several residents, who live directly next to the proposed site, it is clear their well being will be directly impacted if plans to build the Lidl go ahead.  From the moment demolition begins on-site, and then going forward, forever, these residents will feel the impact the most. 

“Residents worries range from health concerns regarding the pollution (vehicle/noise/light) to concerns of safety, security, privacy, and the risk of their house values decreasing.  Residents in the vicinity already regularly face issues with cars from the church and school overflowing into their roads and blocking their drives.  Building a food store right in the middle is only going to make the issue worse.

“Initial feedback collected from the poll in my last article shows most of the community are in favour of a new food store in South Hornchurch, however, it also shows the majority believe the proposed site is not suitable for a food store.  Most comments could be summed up as ‘Nice idea, but the wrong location.

I will continue to work closely with residents to ensure their concerns are heard and will keep posting updates on my page for those who live in the area and want to keep informed of progress.”

How do you feel about the proposed Lidl plans? Will this impact your life? Please let us know by emailing us at newsdesk@thehaveringdaily.co.uk

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