Harold Wood Councillor steps in after cruel couple destroy trees and wildlife haven.

Councillor Brian Eagling has stepped in to help residents in Harold Wood following the actions of a callous couple who destroyed many trees and wildlife at the back of The Drive.

Councillor Eagling told the Havering Daily:

“I was contacted by a resident following the destruction of trees, bushes and wild life inhabiting the right of way at the rear of gardens in The Drive. I was shocked and wondered why a neighbour would do this to an environment that had been there for many years causing no harm to anyone. After I gained information from various residents I decided to do my own investigation when I found that a Council Enforcement Officer sent the offending resident an official letter in 2019 stating that the area was not to be cut for 5 years but he has obviously just ignored this. I have requested that Enforcement Team make their own enquiries and take the necessary action to keep me updated.

“Unfortunately I know this will not restore the area as it was but it may bring the residents some satisfaction to know that something is being done. I feel sad that in this current Covid situation this neighbour couldn’t be kinder to his fellow neighbours especially as we are all trying to help each other and bring our community together.”

Residents living in the area were distraught after the massacre of trees and wildlife that inhabited an area for many years that all the community enjoyed. The cruel couple sadly purchased the land and decided to destroy all forms of life there leaving it baron with tree stumps drilled into.

Hopefully, with Councillor Eagling’s help this matter can now be reviewed accordingly and justice can be done for local residents.

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