10 month old Yorkshire Terrier served with eviction notice as flat director does not like dogs. Romford MP steps in to save Cooper.

Ten month old Cooper a Yorkshire Terrier who barely barks and is never on communal ground was served with an eviction notice as one of the new directors of the property the Romford couple live in, does not like dogs.

Gracie who owns little Cooper was distraught after receiving an email on Thursday 21st of January telling her and her partner that they had to rehome Cooper as he was not wanted at the flats along Main Road, Gidea Park.

Gracie told the Havering Daily: “We have bought a new property and are due to move out in four weeks so we are moving anyway. All we asked was that they could let us keep Cooper until our moving date.”

Ten month old Cooper.

When the couple received the email informing them that little Cooper had to be rehomed or they would be evicted, they were shocked.

“They know we are moving out in four weeks. Sadly this lock down has delayed the selling of the flat so that has not helped, but we have a new property to move into it is just a matter of weeks before we go.

“My partner had a dog here and so did others years ago and it was never an issue. This has happened recently when the new directors of the flats arrived and one in particular does not like dogs.

“Cooper rarely barks, he never walks on communal grounds, I always pick him up and carry him out. My partner is an NHS frontline worker so is currently at work for hours, so he is my only companion during the day.”

Cooper is actually quite a little star as he has his own instagram page with over a thousand followers.

“We were really upset when we got the email, there is no way we were going to get rid of Cooper so we reached out to our MP Andrew Rosindell who we know is a big animal campaigner and we saw that he is working on Jasmine’s law at the moment.

“Andrew stepped in and wrote to the flat directors asking them to let Cooper stay here with us for the last four weeks until we move and they agreed.

“Cooper is really the most loving dog, we’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old and during this third lock down he has been a saviour for me.”

The Romford MP Andrew Rosindell told the Havering Daily: “I was glad to be able to help Gracie and Cooper stay together. This one month extension will allow Gracie to live with Cooper in her flat for the next month while she gets ready to move into a new home. Everyone should have the right to live with a pet and cases like Cooper’s show why we urgently need new legislation to ban blanket ‘no pets’ clauses in rented accommodation, something I am proposing in my bill Jasmine’s law.”

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