Free hot meals on Friday evenings from the Dr Khalid Saleem charity in Collier Row.

Dr Khalid Saleem is a real community hero. He started a food bank two years ago to help the local residents in Romford, Collier Row and across Havering.

Dr Saleem also started his own charity to help so that he could support those who are struggling and in need of food. Now, he and his incredible charity are providing not just a fortnightly foodbanks but also hot meals every Friday for those who are with out income or on low income.

Dr Saleem told the Havering Daily: “I work as a consultant psychiatrist and doing my job one day I met a patient who inspired me to start this charity off and embark in the opportunity to feed those who are struggling.

“I was treating a lady with some problems and when she was ready to leave the hospital, she thanked me and told me that she was going home to feed her family on just £7 a week. That left me completely broken hearted. I cried at the thought of this poor mother trying to feed her family on just £7. We throw out so much food and yet here was a family trying to survive on just £7 a week.”

It is from this heart breaking story that Dr Saleem began his mission to feed those in Havering that are struggling like this mother.

Now, the Dr Khalid Saleem Foundation charity provides a regular fortnightly food bank outside the North Romford Community Centre, in Clockhouse Lane, Collier Row. And, as from last Friday they are also providing free hot meals for those on low income across the borough.

Dr Saleem continued: “This is an idea we had planned for a while and now we have been able to start this venture. We have free hot meals such pizza, rice, biryani and other such foods all in containers ready to hand out to the those in need. The community have been very supportive and have been coming along to donate food for us to be able to give out at our food bank.”

Well done to Dr Saleem and all his volunteers for helping our community during these very challenging times. You are real community heroes.

Dr Khalid Saleem and his team of amazing volunteers.
The food bank in Collier Row.

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