‘Our children are our future and their education is severely struggling’.

Danial Beal from South Hornchurch is putting a call out to the community to collect any old laptops that may have Windows 7 and Windows 8 that people are not using anymore. The It Engineer is donating his free time to restore any old laptops people don’t want, to update them and give them to parents who do not have enough laptops to home school their children.

Daniel told the Havering Daily: “The Government are clearly not coming up with any where near enough machines to help home school children. We are seeing families using one laptop trying to home school three children. Or even worse not having any lap top and trying to home school their children from a mobile phone.

“None of these things are possible. Our children are our future and their education is severely suffering like this. Parents are stressing as they feel like they are letting their children down and children are not being taught properly.”

The South Hornchurch technology expert is asking people and companies to donate any old laptops they might not use anymore for him to be able to restore and give to families who are struggling.

“Anyone who may have a laptop with a broken screen or old and does not want it, I am prepared to wipe it clean for them and then restore it all free of charge to help struggling parents.

“I am one man on my own but I’m sure I can manage to work on up to 15 machines a day to help parents. Something needs to be done to help them.”

Daniel is also looking for other IT experts who may have time on their hands that could help do the same thing and help our parents who do not have enough equipment to teach their children.

Cantact Dan here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2840196036226415

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