Back Our Bobbies: Town Centre police sergeant proactively cleaning up the streets of Romford.


Sergeant Anthony Dear is an officer on a mission to clean up the streets of Romford Town centre. The East Area Police Sergeant joined the Romford Town centre ward in October and is making his mark known cleaning up the borough’s main shopping centre and nightlife haven.

Now, with the third lock down in place, the Police Sergeant and his team are having to adapt their working conditions as the shops and bars are closed once again.

Sergeant Dear told the Havering Daily: “I am one of two sergeants for this ward that provides cover to the town centre. Obviously Covid has changed how we work here at the moment as the nightlife aspect is currently closed.

“We have been proactively working on the drug use and dealing in Romford town centre, drugs are sadly prevalent in most places but the third lock down has helped to reduce that as well.”

The officers are often seen out and about in the town centre patrolling our streets and actively talking to residents about any issues and concerns they may have.

“We have been encouraging individuals to adhere to the Covid restrictions. Most people are generally cooperative and when we ask them to follow the rules they do. However, we did have to fine a barbers recently that we found still operating. With blatant breaches of rules like this we do fine people. Everyone knows what the rules are and we know times are tough.”

Despite this lock down having been started four weeks ago, the barbers in Romford town centre was still open and faced a £1,000.

“We have changed our shifts at the moment to deal with the current pandemic. We are working early and late shifts to make sure that we are always around during the day to support our community. We have plain clothes officers too that patrol the streets to check for any anti social behaviour.

“Our biggest challenge at the moment is to make sure people are compliant with the Covid restrictions.”

Sergeant Dear came from the Redbridge Response team so is used to dealing with tough challenges and his proactive approach of policing is making a difference to the streets of Romford.

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