School worker urges Unison members to sign petition calling for the priority Covid vaccination of school staff.

A Hornchurch school support worker is calling on all Unison members to please sign the petition calling on the Government to prioritise teachers, school and childcare staff for the Covid vaccination.

The local lady who did not wish to be named is asking all union members to please sign this peition to help school staff get vaccinated.

She told the Havering Daily: “Teachers and school staff work in the frontline, dealing with children everyday who could be passing this virus on. We have no choice but to just get on with it and do our job regardless of the conditions around us.

“Many teachers have had Covid and have been really ill with it. We need to be considered when it comes to prioritising staff for the vaccinations. We need to be at work and providing education for our pupils and at the moment we have not been able to do this as many schools have been shut due to the number of staff who have caught Covid.”

The Hornchurch lady who works in a school in east London is asking all union members to please sign this petition and get the Government to look at teaching staff, support workers and childcare staff for priority vaccinations.

Please sign petition so we can get vaccine as we put our lives at risk every day

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