VIDEO: Amazing community spirit shines across a Cranham estate.

The Cathedral estate in Cranham is quite a remarkable place. When lock down began in March two of its residents Sameer and Colin set up a whats app group to help each other during the challenging times. The aim was to support locals who were vulnerable and could not go out.

The group expanded to over 140 residents and together the community spirit grew.

AJ, Lovedjays DJ who lives on the estate was not able to provide his usual parties and began making people happy by putting on a socially distanced street party to lift everyone’s spirits. This event was so successful that for VE day, AJ organised a VE Day street party for the whole of the estate.

AJ told the Havering Daily: “I placed loud speakers on seven of the roads and live streamed the music through Facebook and Instagram to ensure everyone participated. We took song requests from all the neighbours in advance.”

Locals decorated their houses and had picnics on their drives. A great community spirit was felt that was much needed during the lock down times.

As a result of this incredible day, locals decided to hold a socially distanced Christmas Street Fayre on the 5th of December. 28 stalls were placed on front drives around the estate to attract families and friends to support local businesses and charities.

AJ continued: “This was an amazing day that was very successful. There were many stalls selling everything from fairy houses, to chutneys, scarves and soap. Everyone socially distanced and there were no large groups.”

Money was raised for British Heart Foundation,St Francis Hospice and Alzheimer’s Society.

The estate also provides a recycling service where residents put out unwanted items such a books, jigsaw puzzles and even scooters to recycle amongst each other.

Well done Cathedral estate for your amazing community spirit during these difficult times.

Lock down community spirit on the Cathedral estate.
Christmas Street Fayre.

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