VIDEO:Police car chase ends with suspect chest deep in mud rescued by officers.


Last Friday night whilst most of us were safely tucked up in bed, East Road Policing Team were out on the streets chasing suspects including one who found himself chest deep in mud and water after attempting to swim across a river and evade police.

Just after 2.30am Inspector Neal Donohoe and PC Josh Hasse received information of a stolen vehicle in the Ilford area. The two officers immediately embarked in a pursuit that saw them go from east area into the heart of Essex.

Inspector Neal told the Havering Daily: “We began co-ordinating a pursuit and to intercept the stolen vehicle. The number plates of the car had already been changed and did not come back to the vehicle in question.

“We worked as a team alongside other drivers and were then authorised the use of the stinger. The vehicle then collided with a tree in Navestock, Essex and the driver ran across the water logged fields and into the river.

“The police helicopter was used to help us locate the suspect. He found himself chest deep in mud and drowning in the river.”

Inspector Neal and PC Josh then waded into the river to recuse the suspect and hand him over to Essex Ambulance Service where he was assessed for hypothermia and taken to Queen’s Hospital.

The suspect was later arrested for the theft of a motor vehicle and dangerous driving.

Inspector Neal Donohoe and PC Josh Hasse have once again demonstrated why the Met has some of the finest officers in the world. They not only caught the suspect but also saved his life by jumping into a river despite the dangerous conditions.

Spare a thought for these officers who never know what challenges they may face when they respond to a call.They deal with endless horrors everyday and put their own lives at risks to save not only ours, but also those of suspects.

These heroes don’t wear capes, but they do wear uniforms.

Officers covered in mud following their river rescue.

Please watch the amazing car chase below to see our police in action apprehending a stolen car and rescuing the suspect.

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