Romford MP adds his support to help shop workers who have faced an increase in abuse.


The Romford MP Andrew Rosindell visited the Moray Way Co-op on Friday 20 November, to give his support to shop workers during the ‘Safer Colleagues, Safer Communities’ week.

The MP heard how Co-op staff members have faced an increase in verbal and physical abuse that has risen by twenty per cent since the first lockdown began.Mr Rosindell spoke to staff and heard first hand the terrible issues they have had to deal with since the first lock down commenced earlier in the year and the enforcing of rules such as the use of face masks.

Claire Saunders who is shop manager at Gidea Park Co-op, has been campaigning against violence on keyworkers for months now after experiencing many problems herself. Claire told the Havering Daily: “Many staff members face issues like these everyday trying to do their jobs. I have had a syringe held at my throat, spat at and told they would give me coronavirus and threatened to be raped.

“Since the start of the first lock down we have seen an increase in this type of behaviour, when all we are trying to do is our job.”

Mr Rosindell spent the afternoon listening to staff and their concerns and told the Havering Daily: “I am very pleased to be able to support the excellent staff at our local Co-op stores across Romford and Havering who are sadly suffering both verbal and physical abuse. Assaults on key workers are deplorable and I will do everything in my power as Romford MP to support them and raise these issues with the Police Borough Commander.

“I’d like to thank the work they do for our community, especially during these challenging times. My local Co-op at Rise Park is a great store with staff who are always so welcoming and helpful.”

2 thoughts on “Romford MP adds his support to help shop workers who have faced an increase in abuse.

  • 24th November 2020 at 10:48 am

    There is absolutely no excuse for any form of verbal or physical being perpetrated against our keyworkers, nor anybody else for that matter. Shame we don’t have more Police on our streets to prevent this sort of behaviour, nor the ability of our Courts to be able to hand out real sentences as a deterrent as well. The problem is, no new prisons have been built, so every time someone is sent to jail, because they are so overcrowded, someone else has to be released. The farce is made even worse when we can issue a £10,000 fine for breaking the Corona Virus restrictions, but to those who carry out the violence against our keyworkers, and others, they are just slapped on the wrist. If you are as serious as you say you are Mr Rosindale, then campaign for real punishments for real crimes. Oh, and build a few more prisons too.

  • 24th November 2020 at 12:24 pm

    Mr. Rosindell has always been a champion for the right causes and this one is no exception. Just what is it with a seemingly increasing proportion of folk these days? VBW Glenn x


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