‘The safety of Ardleigh Green residents needs to be urgently addressed’-Havering Labour.

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Angelina Leatherbarrow, from Havering Labour writes in the Havering Daily:

A number of residents have been in touch with Havering Labour representatives about the recent reports of crime and anti-social behaviour taking place around the Havering College campus on Ardleigh Green. 

Havering Council tax payers are funding £300,000 for 5 additional police officers to fight crime in our borough. The number one violent crime hot spot in Havering at the moment is outside Havering College. Now, when Romford town centre is virtually empty, are these officers not being made to focus on the issues Havering College is facing at the moment?

Havering council’s dysfunctional Crime and Disorder committee should have made their attention to knife crime a top priority after the Jodie Chesney murder. Their hands off approach and lack of urgency has had a detrimental effect.

Cabinet member, Viddy Persaud, Havering’s crime Tsar, has shown to be completely inadequate in providing leadership to meet the challenge of this crisis. Some councillors serving on that committee show no interest whatsoever in these crucial matters.

The safety of Ardleigh Green residents needs to be urgently addressed and Havering’s Tory council’s complacent attitude to crime should be subject to investigation. Labour is calling for an emergency council meeting to tackle this problem to be held as soon as possible. 

2 thoughts on “‘The safety of Ardleigh Green residents needs to be urgently addressed’-Havering Labour.

  • 18th November 2020 at 5:21 pm

    Regrettably, all the councillors serving, not only on the dysfunctional Crime and Disorder committee, but every other dysfunctional committee, have no concerns or interests whatever their remits are, other than to take the Queens Shilling for being a part of the ‘Dead man Walking’ Leader of the council’s cronies. Step aside Mr White and let real people who are interested in ensuring Havering is run as a proper and democratic council, take over. You lost in one election, you’ll lose in the next one too. If you are still hanging on by then….

  • 19th November 2020 at 7:45 pm

    Havering seems to have a post code policing policy with strong Conservative Party areas receiving more police, MP and council attention. Sadly since Andrew Rosindell became Romford’s MP in 2001 our town seems to have become more and more violent.


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