Eight year old Evie’s special day.

Eight year old Evie Williams from Collier Row is a huge fan of our emergency services and loves fire engines and police cars with their flashing lights.

Two weeks Evie had the time of her life as she visited the the fire station along Petites Lane in Romford with her mum Tina.

Evie was born with Williams Syndrome which means she has a hole in her heart, a heart murmur and other complications, however this does not stop Evie being the happiest little girl you can find, always cheerful and with a smile on her face.

Tina, her mum spoke to the Havering Daily: “Evie loves fire engines and police cars with their lights on. We always watch children’s programmes related to the fire service or police, she loves it. It’s something she has always loved.”

Tina bought Evie to the fire station in Romford where the eight year old who attends Parklands School, was given a tour of the station, had the opportunity to meet the firefighters and even get to sit in a fire engine.

Tina continued: “It made her day, the whole experience for her was amazing. The firefighters really made her smile and and she is still talking about it now. Everyday with Evie is different and fun, it is nice to see that there are kind people in this world who still go out of their way to help others.”

Evie with firefighters at the Petite’s Lane fire station.

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