Community left shocked after memorial post for 7 year old Harvey Tyrrell cut down.

Residents and local Councillors gathered together outside of The Harold pub on Saturday to lay flowers in memory of seven year old Harvey Tyrrell who died in 2018. Locals were shock to discover that the original post used as a memorial to Harvey had been cut down during the night and all the flowers removed.

Harvey collapsed at the pub along Station Road on Tuesday 11 of September and died nearly an hour later at the hospital. The cause of death was electrocution.

David Bearman of Ardleigh Green Road, aged 72 and Colin Naylor 73 years old of Hockley Road, Rayleigh were charged manslaughter.

Mr Bearman has admitted to gross negligence manslaughter with a further charge of stealing electricity worth nearly £23,000. The trial commences on November 9th.

On Saturday afternoon residents gathered together to lay flowers outside of the pub.

Community laying flowers in memory of seven year old Harvey Tyrrell.

A council post directly outside the pub had been used as a memorial to Harvey, where family and friends would lay flowers in memory of the seven year old.

Last week, friends who went to lay flowers found that the post had been cut down and removed and all the flowers and candles taken away.

Angered by what had happened, the community came together on Saturday afternoon to place flowers, pumpkins, balloons and candles on another nearby post outside of the pub.

Children who went to school with Harvey came to lay flowers and yellow and black ribbons on railings opposite of the pub. Balloons spelling the name ‘Harvey’ were tied to the railings in front of the pub.

Councillors Brian Eagling and Darren Wise were at the event to show their support to the local community and Harvey’s parents.

Councillor Eagling told the Havering Daily: “I was devastated to receive a call from the mum of the deceased little boy, Harvey Tyrrell, to say that the metal post, which had a parking restriction sign on it and also served as a memorial to what happened to her son in the Harold public house, Station Road, Harold Wood, had been cut down. The post contained a photo of Harvey and floral tributes from friends and local residents. The post was cut down between late Thursday evening and early Friday morning.

Harold Wood Councillors Darren Wise and Brian Eagling supporting the community

“How could anyone be involved in cutting this post down? I am sure the police will investigate this thoroughly and I hope the perpetrator is brought to justice.”

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