Police to take further action after theft of gazebo.

Following the theft of her gazebo, Marie from Hornchurch has now been informed that police are going to take further action.

Marie had her gazebo stolen from her side path three weeks ago with the thief being caught on CCTV brazenly taking the item off her property and into his car. He was also filmed by a local builder and challenged on what he was doing but still drove off with the gazebo despite being seen.

Since then, Marie was able to locate the whereabouts of the man and challenge him on the theft. Police were called and the man in question left the property at great speed jumping over a fence to escape.

Now, Marie has been told that police will take further action. She told the Havering Daily: “After a long and thorough conversation with a police officer today I have been told that they will take further action. The officer did make me feel like I was in the wrong trying to get my property back and the whole situation was wrong.

“When I discovered that this man who has been taking things from our road for months now, was living literally minutes from my house I got very upset. I was wrong to swear and I apologised for that but the whole situation was very emotional for me.

“We all care about our community here so it’s important we work together. We work hard, we don’t want people brazenly robbing us like that.”

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