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Southern Counties – Covid Games – Chelmsford – 29th & 30th August

Club athletes returned from the Southern Counties Covid Games event at a cold and windy Chelmsford at the weekend with two victories and a trio of third places.

Shandell Taylor’s last round leap of 7.27m in the senior men’s long jump competition was his longest since June 2019 and took the honours.

National Indoor Champion Stephanie Okoro posted her fastest outdoor time in cruising to victory in the Under 15 Girls’ 300m and training partner Olivia Boachie was third in a new career best in the Under 17 Women’s 400m. The other top three finishes came in the same age groups as the 2019 English Schools discus champion Alice Brown recorded her third longest ever throw in the Under 17 event and Katie Ennis was also third in the Under 15s with a new career best.

Three sprinters reached their 100m finals. Matthew Agnimel dipped under 11 seconds in all three races to place sixth in the senior event. Denzel Achi was also sixth in the Under 17 equivalent after clocking PBs in heat & semi-final and Al-Ameen Salaam improved his best in the semi-final before placing fifth in the Under 15 boys final, also improving his shot PB.  Jacob Blanc added almost half a metre to his previous best mark when finishing fifth in the Under 17 long jump.

Stephanie Okoro with her winners’ trophy at Chelmsford on Sunday (Credit: Florence Okoro).

Other personal bests were set in the 100m heats and semi-finals by sprinters Karis Thomas (U17W), Paris King & Steph Okoro (U15G), and Under 15 discus throwers Noah Harriott, Michael Tesi and Emily Peckett.

Senior men: 100m 6th Matthew Agnimel 10.96w PB (& 10.96w heat & Semi Final); LJ: 1stShandell Taylor 7.27w; 400m Heat: Matthew Agnimel 51.95s

Under 20 Men: 400m Heat: Somto Okpalauko 55.44s

Under 17 Men: 100m 6th Denzel Achi11.68w (Heat & Semi 11.23 PB); Semi: Ridwan Salaam 11.48w (Heat: 11.35w); 400m:  Heat: Jacob Blanc 54.37s; LJ: 5th Blanc 6.59w PB 18th Salaam 5.25w

Under 15 Boys: 100m 5th Al-Ameen Salaam 11.84w (Heat: 11.70w; Semi: 11.59w PB) 300m Heat: Daniel Lammas 42.83s PB SP:  8thSalaam 11.36m PB; DT: 10th Noah Harriott 27.32m PB; 13th Michael Tesi 22.91m PB

Under 20 women: 100m Semi: Esther Agnimel 12.98w (Heat: 12.87w)

Under 17 Women: 100m Semi: Karis Thomas 12.49w PB (Heat: 12.52w) Heat: Uche Okpalauko 13.05s; 400m: 3rd Olivia Boachie 59.58s PB (Heat: 59.60s); Heat: Alice Brown 62.39s;  DT: 3rd Alice Brown 38.64m; 9th Hannah Yexley 28.80m

Under 15 Girls: 100m:  SF: Paris King12.83w (Heat: 12.78w PB) Heats: Rhys Cole 12.97w; Steph Okoro 12.97w PB; Cassie Campbell 13.83w; 300m: 1st Steph Okoro 41.49s (Heat 42.87s); DT: 3rd Katie Ennis 27.75m PB 10th Emily Peckett 24.12m PB

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