Back our Bobbies campaign- South Hornchurch Labour Action Team.

Trevor McKeever from the South Hornchurch Labour Action team today adds his support to the ‘Back our Bobbies’ campaign.

Trevor writes:

As someone who sits on two Police ward Panel’s and the Safer Neighbourhood Board for Havering, I take a proactive stance to support our Police Officers.

The role of a Police Officer has drastically changed over the years, it appears the Police powers in law have not moved forward quickly enough when you take into consideration the sophistication of crime and criminal activity the Police face today.

If you want a Police Officer to carry out the function of upholding law and order, you must give them the tools to be able to carry out this function.

Funding cuts to the Police Force over the last ten years from central Government has not helped, it is estimated that between 16 to 20 percent has been cut from the Police funding, which has resulted in fewer front line Officers.

I also believe there should be a mandatory life sentence for killing any Police Officer or emergency worker, we have to move proactively not reactively, especially with the challenges that law Enforcement in this country brings today.

Labour activists Trevor McKeever.

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