MP calls out councillor over ‘fake news’ story.

The Romford MP Andrew Rosindell has called the gerrymandering story making the headlines in Havering a fake news story and slammed Councillor Bob Perry for misleading residents.

Emerson Park Ward Councillor Perry secretly recorded a meeting where Havering’s leader of the Council, Councillor Damian White was heard putting forward proposals to benefit the party’s own gain.

Mr Rosindell has spoken openly about this and told the Havering Daily: “What Mr Perry has done is totally misleading the residents of Havering. Damian put forward a series of ideas as all the other party leaders did, it is the Boundary Commission that decides the outcome so there is no gerrymandering.

“The Boundary Commission plans put forward we’re actually rejected last week and they came up with a different set of plans that is a mixture of the plans submitted, so there clearly is no gerrymandering.

“Mr Perry has whipped up the public and is falsely deceiving people in the borough. It is part of the procedure to express your views and Damian has the right to do that. I was a Councillor for 12 years and have been the MP for 19 years so I am fully aware of how these things work. Ultimately it is the Boundary Commission that makes the changes so this has all been a fake news story.

“I think Mr Perry should apologise to Councillor White for stirring hatred towards him when it is totally unjustified.”

An independent investigation is going to take place following the allegations of gerrymandering.

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