We must protect our children- Knife crime corner with Courtney Barrett

So here we are in the midst of July 2020, with a rapidly rising death count unlike anything we’ve ever known before!

Every week we wonder how bad does knife crime have to get before those in power make the necessary changes needed, and implement laws in an effort to reduce the abysmal rate of knife crime in London and the UK!

In the last week there have been so many stabbings and deaths across London that it really is hard to keep up with them all. I’m reluctant to say that knife crime has become the norm in London, but it sure does feel like it has.

In the borough of Havering, there have been a number of reported knife-related incidents recently, which is very concerning for the residents of Havering. A lot of parents are extremely worried about their children living in today’s climate of knife crime, so my advice is to take action ourselves to protect our families, instead of waiting for those in power to protect us. I think we all realise that we are being failed by those who we elected as our chosen leaders, so we must do what it takes to protect our families ourselves.

As a community, residents of Havering can make themselves safer from the perils of knife crime by following my advice which has proven to be very effective in reducing knife-related incidents. My knife crime safety tips really are more than just tips. They are essentially modern-day parenting rules as far as I’m concerned. I’m sharing them with you in the hope that you follow suit and realise it’s the best way to protect your children!

We need to occaisionally talk to our children and discuss knife crime and the dangers of carrying knives.

We also need to start checking our children randomly, and checking their bags and bedrooms randomly too. A lot of you will be surprised at what you find, and hopefully some of you will be preventing your children from being involved in knife crime.

Another important thing we all need to do is to bin our excess knives. We only need a few sharp knives to cook with, so only keep a few! If you only have a few knives you will easily notice if one has gone missing. If you have ten sharp knives in your kitchen drawer you will not notice if one has gone missing.It’s about making your children as safe as possible, so please make your family is safer by binning your excess knives.

A lot of parents think their kids are good kids and that knife crime will never affect them. Well it’s the good kids who are more susceptible to arming themselves from kitchen drawers due to being scared. When children leave the house we don’t know what they truly face on the streets in every day life. Peer pressure, gangs, bullying, and just general fear due to the amount of people carrying knives. We are scared and worried as adults, so imagine how scared youths are.
Be smart, be safe, and be knife crime aware. Whatever you do, don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that knife crime will never affect your family.


Seventy percent of knife crime is committed using kitchen knives.

If you carry a knife you increase your chance of becoming a victim of knife crime by 80 percent.
Good youths are scared so arm themselves from kitchen drawers.

Knife crime can happen to anyone, any time, any place, any where.


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By Courtney Barrett (The Knife Man)

The knife man Courtney Barrett.

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