The Force is strong with this cinema-Premiere Cinema to reopen on July 17.


Premiere Cinema in the Mercury Mall is set to re-open it’s doors on Friday 17th of July.

The Romford cinema is not just opening again but opening with spectacular style as they show the all time classic The Empire Strikes Back.

For all you Star Wars fans Friday is the day to finally grab your popcorn and sit back and watch one of the greatest films made.

With restrictions being lifted its time to bring back a major part of our cultural pilgrimage, back to the movies and on Friday 17thJuly Premiere Cinema at the Mercury Shopping Centre bounces back with some new movies and some all time classics. 

For most Star Wars fans, they will never have been able to enjoy the magic of the original films on a big screen. To celebrate the 40th birthday of The Empire Strikes Back the second and in the view of most Star Wars fans the most popular, bounces back to take centre stage of the cinema’s line up. Showing in a digitally restored version Empire has never looked so good, its jaw-dropping moments that sent shockwaves throughout the original trilogy can be seen as they were meant to, on a great big screen. 

But Star Wars is not the only film in an original trilogy to return to the cinema, in preparation for Christopher Nolan’s latest spectacular, Premiere are bringing back the entire trilogy that really made Nolan a player in the world of major film, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight rises will all be shown as part of the blockbuster line-up of nostalgia filled movies. And where better than a Nolan film to return to than a cinema Nolan will have visited in its former incarnation The Odeon. When attending London’s Raindance Nolan filmed in Romford and visited the cinema in its early years. 

Fore those not wanting to embrace the retro vibe, Trolls 2 which was due for release as lockdown hit will at last get a cinema release, which will be joined by Dreambuilders a new animation from the creators of Big Hero 6. Three chillers join the line-up, Bloodshot starring Vin Diesel, the highly acclaimed Invisible Man remake and crocodile shocker Blackwater: Abyss is a thriller about cave explorers who Stumble upon a family hungry of Crocs a mile below the surface.

As if that’s not enough, in August the Romford Film Festival delayed from May will take place bringing over 130 films (some of which getting their world premiere) to a weeklong event celebrating every genre possible, world cinema, sci-fi, horror, comedy, animation and musicals. The Eurasian Film Festival which will feature movies from Kazakhstan, Iran, Turkey and Turkmenistan will also take place in August. 

Cinema manager Craig Rutherford said “Despite the lack of new releases, we are thrilled to come back and show some of the greatest films ever made, and being the home of one of the worlds first film festivals post lockdown!”

Romford Film Festival Co-Founder Spencer Hawken said: “There has never been a better time to have a film festival, new stories filled with hope and unique concepts are exactly what we need right now to lift our spirits and block out some of the reality we’ve lost a little during lockdown.”

Empire Strikes Back will be showing nightly throughout July, alongside Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and other features mentioned earlier. Both new and classic movies will be added to the line-up each Friday. The Romford Film Festival will take place in mid-August. 

Premiere Cinema reopens on the 17th July.

Premiere Cinema in the Mercury Mall in Romford.

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