Team members take on London to Brighton bike ride to raise money for cancer treatment.

Suzie Aries is a very brave lady. She was diagnosed with Small cell ovarian cancer of the hypercalcemic type, a very rare form of cancer in 2017. The 28-year-old from Hornchurch has been fighting this rare disease for two years and now needs to raise £250, 000 for her treatment.

As her cancer is so rare the immunotherapy treatment is not standardised and as a result not available on the NHS. The treatment costs £8,500 a session and Suzie needs one session every three weeks.

Suzie and her teammates at East London Hockey Club have decided to help raise the £250,000 themselves to provide her with two years of treatment. This Saturday Suzie and twenty-one of her teammates will be embarking in a London to Brighton bike ride. They have already raised £150,000 through different charity events and now need the last £100,000 to get Suzie the treatment she urgently needs.

Suzie told the Havering Daily: “I started the immunotherapy treatment in October and it is working very well. East London Hockey Club has been amazing and they have raised above and beyond what I expected. I had to have a break from the treatment for a while as I developed a bowel condition but have started the treatment again now and had three successful sessions in a row.”

The team are riding in groups of three due to the social distancing and hoping to raise the money needed for Suzie’s treatment.

“One of the girl’s in my team came up with the idea to cycle from here to Brighton and the team motivation is to help me raise the money needed but to also have a great plate of fish and chips when we get to Brighton! Sadly I’m on a liquid diet so I won’t be having any but they are definitely looking forward to it!”

If you would like to help Suzie with her treatment, please see her go fund me page below and help her get the treatment she urgently needs.

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