Reports of foxes poisoned on Drury Falls estate in Hornchurch.


UK registered animal welfare charity Animal Protection Services (APS) are appealing for witnesses after receiving reports of foxes being poisoned on Dury Falls Estate in Hornchurch.

If anyone finds a fox and suspects the death may not have been from natural causes, please contact APS immediately so they can arrange recovery of the body and conduct a post mortem examination.

Causing the deliberate death of wildlife through poisoning is a very serious offence which can carry a significant fine and a prison sentence.
Organisation Boilerplate

Animal Protection Services are a UK registered charity (no. 1186401) that investigates and prosecutes organised animal cruelty. Our mission is to safeguard animals from commercial exploitation and deliberate acts of cruelty.

The charity carry out an end-to-end investigation and prosecution process for offences against animals. Their investigation officers gather evidence and build intelligence against offenders. Their prosecutors are experienced in advocacy within the criminal courts.

They also have a highly skilled and experienced team specialising within covert surveillance, case preparation, disclosure, private criminal prosecutions, and witness evidence. The majority of which are ex-police officers and ex-trading standards officers.

To report information, please send the link below.

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