Documentary star Lacey shares how she achieved her dream of becoming a nurse after years of assisting other nurses and midwives.

Lacey Darcy, 39, is one of the stars of BBC daytime documentary, Saving our Nurses, which follows Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospital NHS Trust’s trailblazing Senior Intern scheme.

Senior interns are experienced nurses with a wealth of knowledge to support newly recruited nurses navigate the challenges of hospital life when they are new to the role. Their support helped Lacey stay in the job she loves when she struggled as a newly qualified nurse working in the Trust’s busy Emergency Department.

Lacey, of Melksham Gardens, Harold Hill, said: “When I first started I found it quite overwhelming. It was very busy and as a new nurse, you need to get your skills signed off and it was hard to do that. I felt I was becoming a hindrance.

The Senior Intern team arranged for me to move to our Surgical Assessment Unit which I really enjoyed. I like the assessment side of nursing, assessing patients as they come in, and I still got to do that. It was still busy too, however, it was a smaller team and I found there was more structure and I was able to get all my skills signed off quickly.”

Structure is important to Lacey as she is a single mum to Sonny, 17, Angel, 14, and ten-year-old Rayne, who needs a lot of Lacey’s time as she has ADHD and doctors also believe she is on the Autism spectrum.

Lacey has always worked in healthcare, she followed in her mum Wendy Norris’ (formally Bristow) footsteps, as an auxiliary nurse at the Trust, when she was just 18. She also worked as a midwifery assistant before taking a break to have her family.

She returned to work as a healthcare assistant before starting her nurse training.

She added: “I’m proud I did it and my mum is very proud of me. Sometimes I wonder how I got through it with everything that was going on.

I’ve got really good support including a friend and neighbour who helps with my daughter, and support at work, like the Intern team, has really made a difference. Being a nurse is definitely a vocation and not just a job. I love seeing lots of different patients, talking to them, and getting to know them.”

Saving our Nurses is on BBC One at 10am every morning this week. Lacey can be seen in Wednesday’s (10 June) episode.

As for how she felt about taking part, Lacey added: “Everyone was really nice and it spiced up my day.

I did find that some of my colleagues avoided being on shift with me though as they didn’t want to get caught on camera! I’m nervous to watch myself on TV.”

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