VIDEO: Woman hits two cars and fails to stop, waving middle finger at motorists.

Shocking video footage shows a woman trying to stop a motorist from driving off after she hit two cars in Collier Row and failed to stop.

On Tuesday evening Keisha and her son were on their way to Mac Donald’s in Collier Row just after 6 pm when they get caught in traffic near City Limits roundabout.

Keisha told the Havering Daily:We got stuck in traffic at the City Limits roundabout when this woman in her 40s/50s in a Lexus came alongside me and scratched the side of my car. I looked out of the window at her to let her know that she had just hit my car, when the woman in the other vehicle just stuck her middle finger up at me and carried on driving.

I was really shocked by her behaviour. I couldn’t believe she had the cheek to hit my car then stick her finger up at me and keep driving.

I then watched the woman go up in traffic and scratch another woman’s car further up in the queue and still keep driving.”

The second woman who had her car hit was so incensed with her actions that she got out of her vehicle and stood in front of the woman’s car to stop her from driving away.

My phone had run out of battery so I couldn’t take a picture of her license plate so I’m glad someone got footage of her.

My son has autism so he was upset at what was happening. I couldn’t believe how she hit two cars and didn’t even care and just kept driving plus she had the cheek to flip me the finger after hitting my car!”

Keisha now faces a £400 excess bill to get her car fixed and is still in shock after the woman’s reaction.

It was a bit of a shock, everyone saw her behaviour and she failed to stop. Her details and the video footage has been passed on to the police now so hopefully they can sort it out.

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