‘I know there are many elderly carers out there who struggle in silence everyday.’

A 67 year old carer has spoken about the ongoing struggles she faces to care for her elderly mother without any support.

The woman who does not wish to be named lives in Collier Row and looks after her mother without support from anyone.

She told the Havering Daily:I know there are many elderly carers out there like me, who face the same challenges I face daily and suffer in silence.

I know life is very complicated at the moment for all of us, but being an elderly carer during this lockdown period has been so difficult.

I run two households mine and my mother’s. My mother has kidney failure and heart failure. During lockdown nobody called to see how she was. Not my doctors, nobody. She received no food parcels, no help, nothing.

I would call my doctors when I needed help with her health but they kept telling me to call the ambulance. I didn’t want to keep calling the ambulance out as I knew how busy they were. It just needed a home visit from a doctor.

My mum is 94 years old and her health is poor so I do everything for her. I do her shopping, her banking. It’s so difficult for me to get her in her wheelchair at times.

I know there are many elderly carers like me who face these challenges, struggling silently day in and day out. I feel like I’ve been short-changed. My mum worked all her life and never asked for help, why doesn’t she get help now when she needs it?

Sadly most people don’t care anymore. I haven’t had a life in a longtime. I went on holiday for the first time in 15 years last year! It was amazing”.

Mosaic in Romford has been amazing, I’m very grateful to them for the help they have given me. However, after working all her life and me all my life, surely we are entitled to some help?”

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