Good citizens rescue pensioner with broken down scooter.

Today we are pleased to share a good news story. Havering has many good citizens that don’t shy from offering a helping hand to those in need.

James King is certainly one of those. On his way to work yesterday James was walking down Petites Lane when he noticed an elderly lady slumped over her scooter. Concerned about her welfare he went over to see if she needed help.

James told the Havering Daily: “I saw the lady who looked in her 70’s slumped over her electric scooter. She had a coat and mask on and it was very warm yesterday so I was worried about her health.

I went over to talk to her to see if she was okay and she informed that her scooter had run out of petrol and she still had a fair distance to go before she got home. I told her I would go and get help as I knew there are many black cab drivers who live nearby.

I walked to Main Road where I found a black cab pulling out of the petrol station and basically flagged him down. I told him it was an emergency and he drove down to where the elderly lady was.

He made space in his cab for her and between us we managed to get her in the cab and get her home safely.

Danny the cabby then called me to let me know she had got home safe. I’m very grateful to him for helping and he didn’t even want any money for it.

Havering Heroes! Well done James and Danny!

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