Tree collapses on four parked cars in Elm Park.

A tree came crashing down unexpectedly on four cars yesterday evening in Elm Park.

Residents had voiced their concerns a few weeks ago after they had heard the tree making creaking noises.

The tree is situated on a small bank near the railway line near Cowdray Way and was placed on a slight angle on the bank.

Local councillor for the Elm Park ward Stephanie Nunn told the Havering Daily: Residents had been concerned two weeks ago as they had heard the tree making creaking noises and were worried it could fall over.

Then suddenly last night I received calls from residents saying it had come crashing down on parked cars.

The weather being so dry and with the tree being near the railway line has made the situation worse.

Four cars have been badly damaged and one local man cannot go to work because his van has a collapsed roof.

More to follow.

One thought on “Tree collapses on four parked cars in Elm Park.

  • 29th May 2020 at 3:58 pm

    On behalf of the residents of Midhurst close
    I would like to thank councillors Barry Mugglestone,andStephanie Nunn,
    for their quick response and for all their help in getting the tree cleared.


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