Joshua’s recipe of the day-VE Day sponge.


Havering’s star junior chef nine-year-old Joshua Puncheon from Harold Wood today shows us how to make a special VE Day sponge cake.

170gr butter or margarine
170gr cane sugar or caster sugar
3 eggs
170gr Self raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

100gr Strawberry Jam
200ml double Cream or 1 Sachet + milk
1 tbsp icing sugar + 2 drops or red food colouring

Step 1

Place the butter in a mixer.

Step 2

Add the sugar.

Step 3

Mix into a creamy consistency.

Step 4

Add the eggs.

Step 5

Add in the flour.

Step 6

Add the baking powder.

Step 7

And finally add in the bicarbonate of soda and mix well.

Step 8

Divide the mixture between two greased oven proof dishes.

Step 9

Bake in a hot oven for 25/30 minutes at 170c or until golden brown.

Step 10

When ready let them cool then place one sponge on your serving tray.

Step 11

In the meantime slice the strawberries, leave a few while for the topping.

Step 12

When the sponges are ready spread a generous amount of strawberry jam.

Step 13

Add the loosely whipped cream.

Step 14.

Layer the sliced strawberries on top.

Step 15

Add the second sponge on top

Step 16

Add the icing sugar mixed with a tablespoon of water and food colouring.

Step 17

Decorate with the left over strawberries.

Happy VE Day everybody!

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