Neighbours from hell blasting out music until 3am.

A Rainham family has been plagued by anti-social behaviour problems for the last few years with loud noise generated by regular overnight parties and BBQ’s. The family who live in Orchard Gardens have to deal with a sound system placed in the garden playing loud noise until 3 am in the morning by their neighbours.

Despite endless complaining to the Police and Council, the authorities seem reluctant to act. Mr Thurlow has called the police and the fire brigade after his neighbours started a bonfire against his wall.

Mr Thurlow told the Havering Daily: “This has been a nightmare for us. There is no social distancing here, they have regular parties, the music gets blasted out until 3am. They now have two large dogs that are never walked and just kept in a penn all day long.

My wife asked the man to please turn his music down which he responded by raising his middle finger at her and swearing at her. This is how they are.”

The family are believed to be renting the property and so far there has been no intervention from the landlords.

Councillor Graham Williamson the South Hornchurch councillor said. “Although this particular issue is outside my ward, similar cases of ASB occur throughout Havering and when it involves private dwellings the Council is ill-equipped to deal with it. Part of Council rents pays for Community Wardens and dedicated officers on a 24/7 hotline to deal with any such behaviour from tenants. Private dwelling ASB, however, is only handled by a handful of officers, 9-5.

He added “Homeowners do however pay high Council Taxes and their quality of life should be of concern to the local authority. I would be interested to hear some personal stories? In any event, I believe that our ‘private’ ASB team needs significantly boosting!”

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