‘Making buses free will just encourage more people to use them.’

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A bus driver from Romford fears making buses free will just encourage more people to use the buses.

Buses across London are now free to use during this lockdown period and passengers are being asked to use the middle doors to get on and off the bus.

Passengers are also being asked to not speak to the driver or go near him or her if possible for the safety of the driver.

As good as these new measures may seem, the Romford bus driver who drives across east London is concerned that many of his passengers will not adhere to it.

Many of my passengers across east London don’t speak or read English so will not understand what the new signs mean. It’s good we are not charging key workers and NHS staff to use public transport but I think that making buses free will just encourage more people to use the buses.

I have seen a steady progression of people getting on my bus since the lockdown. Many people in east London are not following the Government’s rules and doing what they want. I started with about 90 passengers on my bus and each week it has gone up. Yesterday I had 217 people on there. These are not key workers, these are people in Manor Park, Forest Gate, and Stratford all doing what they want and not adhering to any rules.

Now the free use of buses will just encourage these people to carry on with their daily life as normal not respecting any rules at all. There are gangs of people that gather together outside shops in Stratford all drinking and smoking. The police were moving them at first but I think they have given up now as they keep doing what they want.

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