Parking video misleading, says council leader.

A video on social media yesterday showed parking wardens out on the street ticketing a vehicle in Havering.

The Leader of the Council Councillor Damian White has spoken to the Havering Daily about the removal of the parking restrictions and why the pre-assumed comments on this video were very misleading.

Councillor White said: “The council is only enforcing parking restrictions when people obstruct a pavement, foot way or highways.

Anything that stops emergency services vehicles or key worker vehicles or blocks a drive or a pavement will be penalised. We are not enforcing parking restrictions.

The video on social media is misleading, the council actually received a complaint from a local resident regarding a vehicle blocking somebody’s drive way, that’s why they were there.”

The council has closed all playgrounds and is in discussion now about the removal of parking charges from car parks.

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