Families pack play areas across Havering despite lockdown.

Despite the Government lockdown, Havering play areas were full of children on the play areas and skate parks every day so far this week.

Parks across the borough saw children and their parents flock to use the play areas regardless of NHS staff and the Prime Minister asking people to please stay at home.

Nurses and doctors are begging residents to please do their part and stay at home to help them stop the increase of reported cases across the borough and the country nationwide. Yet some parents are not adhering to this and showing complete disrespect for our NHS staff as they battle daily to keep this outbreak under control.

STOP TAKING YOUR CHILDREN TO PLAY AREAS. We are in lockdown, respect our nurses and doctors that are putting their lives at risk every day to save ours.

You could be infecting not just yourself but many others out there without knowing, stop being selfish and play your part in helping our NHS staff and the country get through this dreadful situation as quickly as possible.

Please let us know your views on this.

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