Message from Andrew Rosindell MP- ‘We must do all we can to help fight this.’

A message from the Romford MP Andrew Rosindell.

This is a very difficult time for our nation and for people across the world.  We must do all we can to help fight Coronavirus (Covid-19) and defeat this wicked virus.  I urge people who have symptoms to follow the Government and N.H.S. advice which can be found on this link and self isolate for at least seven days.

We all need to start social distancing which sadly means reducing our activities for the time being.  I know that this will be a challenge for many, but it is so important to do if we want to combat this virus and save lives. Many of us will be rightly worried for people in our community who are elderly or vulnerable. So, if you know of someone personally who may need help with shopping or supplies, please give them a call and ask if they need anything.  However, if you have any symptoms, please do not go to visit them as you could spread the virus.

I especially appeal to the younger and fitter members of our community to keep in contact with vulnerable people who live in their neighbourhood.  Life can be lonely for these people and particularly so with these new, but vital self-isolation measures, it will be even lonelier. So, pick up the phone and call them for a chat or call on them, but speak to them from a distance and do not get too close.  

Showing kindness and concern to our neighbours will make a big difference to many people and remind them that they are not alone.  It is times like this when the British people pull together.  We always do and get through this, we shall!  We must look out for each other and do our bit to help everyone get through this terrible period.  If an individual resident, family, local business or organisation needs my support at this time, please e-mail me with the details, include your full name, address, along with your telephone numbers and I will be happy to help, where it is possible to do so.  My direct e-mail is

Once again, please stay safe and well and I wish you and your loved ones all the best in difficult weeks and months ahead.  Our country has faced many challenges over the years, but with our British Bulldog spirit, we can and will get through this period of adversity together.

God Save The Queen, let our nation be strong, God bless you all.

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