A dedicated councillor who makes a difference in the community.

To mark International Women’s Day the Havering Daily has spoken exclusively to Councillor Viddy Persaud from Brooklands ward, a dedicated councillor who works full time and still manages to dedicate her time to helping the community.

For anyone wishing to be a councillor, Viddy Persaud is a great role model. She juggles a full-time job as a business manager and is a cabinet member for Havering council and let’s not forget a proud mum of two sons.

Viddy was born in Guyana and moved to England at the age 17 years old. She began working in the retail sector and from there went to college one day a week.

She told the Havering Daily: “I’ve always been interested in helping others, in being kind and supportive to others. That is what led me into politics.

When my children were all grown up I knew then it was the right time for me to start serving my community.

I’ve always worked locally and made sure that I gave my job 100% and that I gave my children 100% and neither of them suffered. At that stage, the time wasn’t right for me to be a councillor.

Viddy became a councillor when she was 54 years old.

When my sons were all grown up I knew then that it was the right time. I have always been a Conservative, with Conservative values so I began volunteering and helping out.

It was actually councillor Misir that suggested I should be a councillor and so I began following that path.

I’ve always enjoyed making a difference and helping people in the community and being a councillor allows me to do that.”

Councillor Persaud is one of the most dedicated councillor’s you can find. She spends hours after work, working on council issues and helping local residents with ongoing issues.

It is such a great reward when you can really make a difference. I try and do that all the time in my job and in my role as a councillor.

Recently a success story we had was the building of the crossing at Waterloo Road. That is something I had worked on for four years and to see it complete is very rewarding.

All community work is rewarding from helping people have potholes fixed to clearing rubbish. All these roles are important in our community and making it the best that we can.”

Councillor Persaud can often be found at the town hall in the evenings at meetings or dealing with case work. She is a very motivated councillor that has dedicated her time to helping the Havering community.

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