‘No sign of deep cleaning on my bus, it’s filthy.’

A bus driver has spoken exclusively to the Havering Daily about the lack of support and care given to bus drivers doing their job during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The bus driver who wished to remain anonymous said: “I’ve read that Transport for London are now doing deep cleaning, well I haven’t seen any signs of that yet. My bus is filthy. We are told it gets cleaned at night but often when you open the emergency doors you find last night’s take away still there.

“There is chewing gum on the floor that has been there for ages and rubbish in between the seats. We definitely haven’t see any signs of deep cleaning.

“We have see that the bus company Ensign in Thurrock have provided hand sanitizers on their buses on the first rail for passengers and staff to use. Why can’t all bus services do this?

“I don’t think they really care about us. We are here on the frontline everyday for people who want to use public transport and we’ve been offered no support whatsoever.

“They only time they will care is when half of the bus drivers are off sick and they can’t get their buses out.

“I wash my hands as much as I can, before I start driving the bus and after but I have to find a toilet to do it. A hand sanitizer would be great to have for us.

“The clearly don’t care about us here in East London.”

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