‘I have major concerns about the impact on those with mobility issues and disabled patients.’

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Last week, Havering’s Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) announced that Mungo Park Surgery based in South Hornchurch Health Centre is due to close. This move will mean that 3,149 local people will now have to travel between 2-4 miles further to see a GP.

Last year walk-in services at the Health Centre were dramatically reduced and Jon Cruddas the Dagenham and Rainham MP has raised his concerns about the decline in local NHS provisions.

Jon Cruddas said: “I will be meeting with the head of the Clinical Commissioning Group and NHS England to arrange an urgent meeting. I have major concerns about the impact on those with mobility issues, disabled patients and those who have limited access to transport.”

The CCG have concluded that the only option available is to disperse the list of patients, and support patients to register at neighbouring GP practices, in line with NHS England policy. 

Jon commented: “This is going to have a major impact on people travelling to appointments, who at one time would be walking to the end of their street to see a GP.”

The CCG have written to all registered patients to explain the decision, how they can register with a new practice, and what support is available. They have listed the seven GP practices within 2 miles of Mungo Park Surgery and those further afield. 

Jon added: “Rainham has seen a decline in health provision for many years now, and with the largest ageing population in London, we should be prioritising those needing regular health care. I will be making clear to NHS England and The CCG that the system is failing residents in the south of the borough and drastic measures need to be taken to restore services.

For those reasons, I will be launching a campaign for a brand-new health facility in the south of Havering or the reinstatement of services at South Hornchurch Health Centre. Residents have the right to access to local NHS services – not a list of options that are miles away from their doorstep.

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