BREAKING: Angry residents receive letters of the closure of Mungo Park Surgery.


Residents in South Hornchurch who belong to the Mungo Park Surgery have received letters regarding its possible closure.

The single-handed practice currently has 3,149 patients and one general practitioner.

Dr Subramaniam is due to retire on March 31st and the practice has no one else who can take over.

Local Councillor Graham Williamson told the Havering Daily: “Unbelievably, whilst the population in the south of the borough is set to boom with new developments, there is a threat to close the above centre!

The resident (and only) GP is retiring within a couple of months. Despite knowing for three months that he wanted to retire the NHS/CCG have not been able to make alternative arrangements.

If it ultimately closes there will be over 3,200 residents that will have to be distributed to other surgeries. This is a real body blow for residents. A large proportion are elderly and having to travel a few more miles is both costly and wearing. I understand there is a chance the centre might be saved if new GP’s move in. I pray this will happen.

He added “With all the new people earmarked to come into the borough I and others have been complaining about the insufficient funding for new infrastructure i.e. doctors and dentists etc. If that funding isn’t delivered it will see new and existing residents fighting for places. Developments are not being properly funded and the desperate rush to build apartments will ultimately be our downfall”

A spokesperson for Havering Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said:

After being notified by Mungo Park Surgery’s sole GP and contract-holder Dr Subramaniam of his intention to retire, we have explored a number of options in order to maintain a GP presence at South Hornchurch Health Centre. 

Due to the small list size, finding a new provider to take on the contract has not been possible and we are therefore supporting patients to register at neighbouring GP practices so they are able to access the care they need. There are seven practices within 1.5 miles of Mungo Park Surgery, all of which are accepting new patients, and a further nine practices within four miles.  

We are working with Dr Subramaniam to ensure patients receive continuity of care until its closure on 31 March 2020. As part of this, information events are being held at the surgery in February to provide extra support to vulnerable patients to help them register with another practice.

We will continue discussions with local GP practices to see if any would be prepared to relocate to South Hornchurch Health Centre or have a presence in the building as a branch site.”

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