VIDEO: January 31, Brexit Day. A new chapter in Britain’s history begins.

Today the Havering Daily begins it’s week long Brexit special.

As we wave goodbye to the blue flag with its golden stars, our Union Jack replaces it across the country as Britain takes control of its land.

January 31, or Brexit day as it is now known saw Havering host many celebratory parties and dinners to mark this momentous occasion.

Romford, of course saw the biggest celebrations of them all at the Conservative headquarters, Margaret Thatcher House, in Western Road. The true blue office hosted its local community alongside guests from Denmark, Finland and Iceland who all joined in the country’s celebrations of independence.

The community came together to celebrate something Havering residents had been waiting for since the referendum back in 2016. Havering, also know as the Brexit capital did not hold back in celebrating something that was very important to them.

Apple pie and the Union Jack

Fireworks were on hand at 11pm to mark the moment Britain turned its back on all European laws and starts a new chapter of independence.

The Romford MP and staunch Brexiteer Andrew Rosindell did not disappoint his community. Celebrations were vivacious and patriotic, and the feelings of relief were felt right across the borough as Rule Britannia could be heard throughout the Havering streets.

Celebrations across Havering

Havering, alongside the rest of the country now commences a new chapter of independence.

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