Local artists come together to celebrate beautiful moments within Havering

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On Friday 17th January The Mercury Shopping Centre celebrated the exhibition ‘Views of Havering’ with local photographer Barry Jones, artists, residents and guests in a private view. The exhibition that depicts landscapes in and around Havering has been on display for one month in the centre and has been very popular with shoppers.

Guests were able to speak with Jones about his inspiration and the exact locations of his shoots, the varied locations include ASDA, the Upminster Windmill and Raphaels Park.

“We are so privileged to have a gallery space within the shopping centre, and such talented artists in our local area to help fill our wall with colour” said Spencer Hawken, Centre Manager.

“If you haven’t seen his work yet, you should definitelymake a special trip”

Jones’ passion for photography has seen him in the press in 2019, when he was a finalist in the BBC’s Country Filecalendar competition with ‘Little Wings’ beating tens of thousands of entries. Jones discussed his dedication to the art, including the hours spent on Noak Hill waiting for the perfect moment when a deer stag walks across the road. One of the images in the exhibition. 

Mayor Councillor Michael Deon Burton joined the event to congratulate Barry Jones on his achievements, as a local resident of Rainham, he was very exited to see images from the area.

Barry Jones’s Exhibition is open for its final week at The Mercury, with the end date 31st January. The exhibition is free to see and open from 7am – 11pm daily.

Photographer Barry Jones
Barry Jones with Natalie Bays and Mayor Councillor Michael Deon Burton.
Photographs on show at the exhibition.

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