‘If you are criminal, I will be after you, we want London back.’

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On the 7th of May Londoners will be once again heading to the polls. This time it will be to elect a new Mayor or perhaps re-elect the same.

The Havering Daily spoke to the Conservative candidate for the 2020 mayoral elections, Shaun Bailey, a Harold Hill resident.

Shaun is a well-known face in Havering, often seen at many events in our borough, especially those dedicated to stamping out the scourge of knife crime that is clearly blighting our streets.

Today, Shaun tells us how he wants to eradicate this problem and make London a safe city once again.

Firstly I believe that there are two vital factors here. The first being that you must want to stop knife crime, believe that you can defeat it as I believe I can.

Secondly, back the police. Not just back the police but back effective policing. Effective stop and search, provide the police with more technology so they can scan and search. They achieved this in New York and this is something we can do here.

We need to get more police back on our streets, we need more detectives out there detecting crime.

I want London to be a risky place for criminals.”

The Tory candidate came face to face with the horrors of knife crime after the murder of Jodie Chesney in his own home town last year. The seventeen-year-old was stabbed to death in a park whilst out with her friends.

In my day we would never have dreamt of going out carrying a knife, now we have lost control of our streets and we have a current mayor who has to be dragged to the table before he does anything about this.

What we need to get control of our streets back is a two-pronged attack of a tough and tender approach.

We need to back our police, back them politically, make sure they have body cameras, tasers, support them, but also support our youth.

Provide jobs for them, get them access to jobs and career, get them off the streets. We need decent long term employment, housing and good education.

It’s nonsense when youth tell you they have to carry a knife. If you carry a knife you are more likely to get stabbed, that is the reality of it.

Half of the people who are prosecuted for carrying knives have been involved in knife crime before. These are the people that should be tagged. If they want to carry a knife then let’s make their life harder.

Our children are being murdered on our streets. We have a 42% rise in knife crime. This needs to be dealt with by an effective mayor.”

The former youth worker finishes by saying.

We want London back. If you are a criminal, I will be after you.”

One thought on “‘If you are criminal, I will be after you, we want London back.’

  • 17th January 2020 at 2:47 pm

    Any one who is carrying a knife in a public place should go to prison for at lest 5 years, that’s the only way to stop it. Do you agree.


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