‘She shouted “I’ve hit a dog” and then drove off and left my brother’s dog in the road.’

A therapy dog belonging to a disabled man in Harold Hill was run over by a woman driver who failed to stop at the scene.

The heartbreaking incident occurred on Sunday evening between 5.30-5.45pm along Barnstaple Road. Members of the family are now appealing to anyone who may have witnessed the event or have any footage on their CCTV cameras.

Chris, the owner of Missy a twelve-year-old Springer Spaniel, had just returned from the dog groomers with his dog. He had parked up with the passenger side of his car next to the kerb, as Missy sits on the front seat. He had Missy on a new long lead, when she ran around the front of the car chasing something she had seen and got struck by the oncoming vehicle.

Sister Debbie, told the Havering Daily: “My brother heard the brakes of a car slam on and then saw Missy lying in the middle of the road. The driver of the vehicle was in her pyjama’s and slippers and appeared to have been either drinking or under the influence of something.

“She started to shout I’ve hit a dog, I’ve hit a dog! Then said to my brother I have to move my car as I’m causing a traffic jam and drove off.”

The vehicle is described as a white 4×4 and the family is desperately seeking any witnesses to this tragic event.

My brother is disabled, he suffers with brittle diabetes and is due to have a double heart by pass next month.

Missy is his therapy dog, he is devastated. He is blaming himself now, it’s heartbreaking. He suffers with anxiety and depression as it is.”

“Please, we are appealing to anyone who may have footage on their CCTV camera or might have been in the area at the time.

The woman did not even stop to see if Missy was okay or if my brother was okay.”

Missy is currently at the vets, and is going to need an operation after dislocating her hip.

12 year old Missy.

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