Bins vandalised in Central park and dog poo strewn all over the path.


A local resident from Harold Hill was disgusted at the state of Central Park this morning after discovering that all the bins in the park had been vandalised.

The dog walker was angered to find the bins had either been set on fire, smashed to pieces or thrown into the brook.

As I arrived this morning I saw that all the bins in the park had been vandalised and the dog poo that was inside the bins was strewn all over the path making it difficult for people to walk along the path.

I don’t know why youths or whoever it is that has done this feel the need to have to destroy all our bins. What sad lives must they have to get enjoyment from smashing up bins.

Now it is making it difficult for us to walk along the path. Luckily Havering Council come and empty the bins on a regular basis so there isn’t a huge amount of poo but the poor council workers have to come and clean this mess up!”

The vandalised bin.

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