VIDEO: ‘I’m scared to go out on my own. What’s happened to our youth today? They have no morals, no respect’.


A Harold Hill woman who was hit from behind and mugged of her bag on her way home says ‘youth of today are out of control and gone crazy’.

June had gone to collect a prescription from the chemist next to the Health Centre in Gooshays Drive on Monday at 6.30 pm when she was struck from behind and had her bag snatched from her by a youth on a bike.

The mugging took seconds and has left June extremely shaken up and now scared to go out in the dark on her own.

I have waves where I keep crying, it all happened so quickly,” June told the Havering Daily.

I had gone to collect some prescriptions and thought I would walk home as it’s just a 10-15 minute walk. The lighting isn’t very good along Gooshays so I never saw the attacker.

I felt something hit me from behind then somebody grabbed my bag. I never saw him as he had a hoodie on and he rode off so quickly.”

June was left shocked and dazed and knocked on a nearby door for help.

The man in a nearby house was very kind. I was shaking and crying. He called the police and offered to call an ambulance but I just wanted my son and partner.

He made me a cup of tea as we waited for the police to arrive. My son came and went around the block looking for him but he couldn’t find him. I believe Lidl closed early that night too because of a gang of youths on bikes causing a disturbance”.

The police arrived the following day to get information from June.

My son had gone to nearby houses to see if there was any CCTV footage and luckily one camera caught the incident.

We gave the footage to the police who also commented on how fast it all happened but it’s very difficult to see who the youth is as he has a hoodie on.

The police were only in my house for ten minutes, they don’t seem to care too much. There aren’t enough of them on our streets and these youths have gone crazy”.

What has upset June the most is the loss of all her possessions that she had in her bag. Items that had sentimental value to her.

It’s all the keepsakes I had in my bag. You know how us women are, we keep so many things in our bag. I had photos and keepsakes from when I was a child, my address book, my phone. All things that have an important value to me. Things that would have no meaning to the youth, who I’m sure will probably just now chuck it on the floor as rubbish.

If he had asked me for the money I would have given it to him rather than have him snatch my bag like this”.

This event has left June very distressed.

I haven’t slept properly for three days now. I’m scared to go out on my own. What’s happened to our youth today? They have no morals, do their parents know what they do? How would they feel if it happened to them?

I came from a broken home, that’s no excuse to commit crime. Our youth are out of control. My son had acid/bleach thrown at him. Harold Hill is getting worse”.

June’s bag was black with silver butterflies and has probably now been discarded in the street somewhere.

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