Beyond Belief!

This February the City Pavillion in Romford is hosting an exciting event that will take you into the world of the unknown and even back into one of your past lives.

‘Beyond Belief’ is taking place on Sunday 23rd of February between 7-9pm and is guaranteed to take you into another world.

The event is featuring world famous past life regressionist Tony Rae and pyschic medium Natalie Eden Walker.

Both are experts in their field and used to dealing with tv celebrities.

Tony Rae, from Nottingham has taken people to past lives as far back as 3,000 BC.

A lot of what happened in your previous existence makes an impact on your current life. The past often shapes your future and so many people are amazed to see just what an impact a past life has had on their current life.

Recently I took Jonathan Ross’ wife Jane Goldman back into another life and she saw herself as a seamstress on a ship. After the event she told me that she still to this day enjoy’s making her own clothes.

Past lives can make a big impact on our current life.”

Tony has done fifteen shows in the Uk and over fifty radio shows. He is known world wide for his ability to take people back into other lives.

I started out as a sceptic too until I realised that there really was something into this.

When I work with people I have no idea where the journey will take us. People soon go back to a life that has made the most impact on them.

On one occasion I had a group of volunteers and one man at the end of the row kept doing an action as if he was sawing something. When I got to him, I asked him who he was and what action he was doing.

He responded he was the ship’s surgeon and was sawing a man’s leg off. Of course when they return to their present life they are often amazed.”

Tony has been a past life regressionist for over twenty five years now and has worked with other celebrities such as Katie Price.

Psychic medium Natalie Eden Walker is an Essex girl originally from Harold Hill. She travels the world helping people channel those who have crossed the other side.

I have been a psychic medium for 27 years now.

I remember as a child always being aware of the spiritual world. When I was fifteen I went to a spiritualist church where there was a medium there and I identified with everything she was describing. This made me feel better as I often thought I was going a bit mad seeing things others couldn’t.”

Natalie does private readings as well as stage demonstrations. She also teaches development classes.

I try and give people as much information that I can, provide them with names, dates and other important factors that they need to know.”

Both Tony and Natalie are going to be at the City Pavilion in February for the Beyond Belief show.

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