Residents rescue deer with barbed wire stuck round its antlers.


Harold Hill residents living near the Manor came together to rescue a deer who had rope and barbed wire stuck round its antlers.

The deer was spotted on new years day with lots of rope and wire hanging off its antlers and looking distressed.

Residents living near the Manor attempted to get near the deer to help free it but it ran away frightened.

Today the community came together to help track down the deer and free it.

Councillor Jan Sargent an animal campaigner told the Havering Daily:

The deer was spotted yesterday along Shoulder of Mutton Wood but no one could get near him as it ran away. We called the police and they came to help us find him but we couldn’t find him.”

Local resident Mick Hockley told the Havering Daily:

I saw the post on Facebook yesterday about the deer with what looked like a rug stuck round its antlers. So I came over today with a blanket and some wire cutters to help out.

I put the blanket across his eyes with one hand and removed the rope and barbed wire with the other hand and the deer was then able to run free.”

Terrie Cooper who lives nearby told the Havering Daily:

I saw the deer an hour ago and tried to contact the RSPCA for help. I couldn’t get through so the police helped me and the RSPCA said they would be here in an hour and they weren’t.

I saw Mick arrive and help the poor deer and now luckily it has run free.

The local residents are now picking up the remainder of the barbed wire and rope that has been dumped in the Manor.

Mick with the barbed wire and rope removed from the deer’s antlers.

Councillor Sargent finished:

Well done to the community and everyone at the Manor as always. The community came together to help the deer and another successful rescue was accomplished.

Jan Sargent, Shantel and Harry had spent yesterday afternoon trying help the deer but now today fortunately it has been freed.

Locals clearing the rest of the wire and rope from the Manor.

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