‘My dad was left on the floor all night with bruised ribs and bones covered in his own urine.’

A Romford lady is in desperate need to get her father into a care home following the appalling treatment by his care workers.

57 year old Bob suffered a major stroke eight years ago that has left him unable to move on his own. He now has two care workers that visit his flat four times a day.

Yet despite their visits 57 year old Bob fell and was left on the floor a whole night until he was found the following day by his daughter covered in his own urine with bruised ribs, bones and very distressed.

His daughter Bobby told the Havering Daily:

My dad fell at 8pm Thursday and the carers were supposed to have been there early the following morning but pressed the buzzer to get in and couldn’t access the keys so just left.

I’m disgusted with their treatment of my dad. They do all his shopping for him and buy him all microwave meals, chocolate and crisps. I gave them a shopping list so I could cook for my dad and give him some proper food but I found my shopping list in the dustbin.

They are supposed to clean my dad’s flat and they never do. His floors are black, filthy, they don’t care for him at all. If they can’t access the key to get in straight away they just leave. So my dad misses out on his medication and food. They just leave him there.

I’m the only person he has left to look after him and I have a three year old daughter to look after as well so it’s really difficult if he has soiled himself to clean him as she is always with me.

The old carers we had were brilliant, they really cared for my dad. I knew he was being well looked after. Now with these new ones, they just don’t care. They leave my dad soiled and hungry and without giving him his medication.”

Bobby is now desperate to get her father into a care home to stop him suffering at home alone.

I’m looking to find him a place in a care home where he will be well treated and cared for but so far no one wants him.”

Following Bob’s fall, one care worker has since been sacked.

Bobby is desperately seeking advice on getting her father into a good care home here in Havering.

One thought on “‘My dad was left on the floor all night with bruised ribs and bones covered in his own urine.’

  • 18th December 2019 at 6:33 pm

    Unfortunately ‘CARERS’ is the wrong word for these companies/people. I had the same thing in Havering. Revolting hygiene, no care, no attention, no thought.


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