Jon Cruddas retains Dagenham and Rainham seat

The Dagenham and Rainham election results were delayed until 5am after a partial recount, known as a bundle count, was requested.

Jon Cruddas (Labour) went on to win Dagenham and Rainham, beating Damian White (Conservative) by 293 votes.

The turnout was down compared to the 2017 election with only 61.74% coming out to vote.

There was a lot of eyes on the results of Dagenham and Rainham and at first the results were reported incorrectly by the media. However, this was soon corrected and the following results were published.

Jon Cruddas (Labour) 19,468 (44.51%, -5.57%)

Damian White (Conservative) 19,175 (43.84%, +3.91%)

Tom Bewick (Brexit Party) 2,887 (6.60%)

Sam Fisk (LibDem) 1,182 (2.70%, +1.69%)

Azzees Minott (Green Party) 602 (1.38%, +0.19%)

Ron Emin (Independent) 212 (0.48%)

Terry London (Independent) 209 (0.48%)

More to follow…

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