Ground subsidence at Jubilee park worrying residents.

Residents living near Jubilee Park in Romford are concerned with the ground subsidence that seems to have emerged in the park.

Local residents living near the park were concerned a few weeks ago when they first noticed the ground begin to subside and are now worried that it could be increasing in size.

One resident living in the flats next to the park who did not wish to be named, told the Havering Daily:

I can see the ground subsidence from my flat and each day it looks like it is getting bigger. There doesn’t seem to be much being done about it and myself and other residents living here are getting really worried.”

The ground subsidence in Jubilee Park.

Operations Manager Chris Tompkins from Trinity Estates told the Havering Daily:

We can confirm that a small area of the open space at the Reflection development in Romford has subsided.

The health and safety of residents and visitors is our priority and the area has been fenced off whilst we work with the developer of the site Taylor Wimpey, to establish the source of the problem”.

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