BREAKING: ‘Not seeing Jodie or hearing her voice has broken my heart’.

As we await the sentencing of Jodie Chesney’s killers, Crispin Aylett QC has read out a statement in court on behalf of Jodie Chesney’s grandmother Christine Chesney.

He said:

Since the evening of 1 March, my life has been turned upside down, and it will never be the same again. When I got the phone call to say what had happened to Jodie, I could not believe what I was hearing and it still feels like a dream. However, this nightmare is unfortunately real.

Jodie was my youngest granddaughter, but she was more like a daughter to me. Since Jodie was very young, I helped her dad Peter in raising her and I would see her every day. Jodie would also ring me multiple times a day about anything and everything, so we were always in touch.

Not seeing Jodie and hearing her voice on a daily basis has broken my heart. I struggle to sleep; I struggle to eat and my health has deteriorated. For the rest of my life, that night will not leave my mind. I will play that night over in my mind repeatedly, why didn’t Jodie come home that evening, why didn’t Jodie have an extra shift at work? I will feel guilt that she wasn’t with me that evening and I couldn’t do anything to help her.

Jodie was murdered in March but this nightmare will never leave me. I will miss her every single day for the rest of my life and my life will never be the same again.”

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