BREAKING: ‘Losing Jodie I have lost my family, my home, and almost my sanity’.


Joanne Chesney, Jodie Chesney’s step mum has also spoken about the impact of the 17-year-old’s murder.

Joanne has been sitting in the public gallery throughout the whole trial process and as the QC Crispin Aylett read out her statement you could see she was visibly upset.

She said:

Where do I even begin? How has losing Jodie affected our lives? Well, I have lost not only my stepdaughter but also my family, my marriage, my dog, my home and at times, my sanity. I have watched the people I love crumble to pieces. I have watched my best friend change beyond recognition through grief. None of us will ever be the people we were when Jodie was alive.

The thing that bothers me the most is that none of these kids, and they are just kids, care about what they have done to our family. Neither of them cares about what they did to Jodie that night and what they have taken away from us.

Neither of them have shown any remorse for what they have done. If they cared at all then at least one of them should have had the decency to own up and admit they made a mistake. They do not care about the damage they have caused, they all want to pass the blame to try to get themselves out of trouble.

If only they had known what they were doing that night, what they were taking away from us in that moment of madness. If only they knew the person, they were taking away from the world. Jodie was good, pure and kind in every sense of the word.

There is a reason no one has heard a bad word said about Jodie since her death, this is because there was not a bad word to say. She would do anything for anyone at any time.

The night of the 1 March will remain etched in my brain forever. I will never forget the moment I was told those horrible words ‘Jodie’s been stabbed, she’s dead’. Coming home to face the rest of the family not knowing what is going on, what to do or what to say. The pain and grief encompassing every single person in the room. Not even beginning to understand how this could have happened to her, to our family.

I will never forget my husband breaking down, blaming himself for not being with her when she took her last breath. Knowing there was absolutely nothing I could do to take that pain away.

There have been numerous occasions over the last eight months where I have wondered how we can carry on without Jodie but we have all had to for Jodie’s sake, we all need to carry on her legacy and make sure no one ever forgets her name or her face. We owe it to Jodie, our light in the darkness, our angel, our princess. Jodie will not be forgotten and she will not have died in vain.”

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